Who is is an open source initiative to share software and components for use in other software or to help software developers be more efficient. It publishes software under the modified BSD license which basically means you are free to use the software as you see fit and you are not required to make software based on any software found at open source as well.

The idea to share my javacode or at least large parts of it were born somewhere around 2001, for all the normal reasons: I wrote it, it worked and I could use it again, so why not anybody else, open source code leads to better code and it might actually prevent a developer from reinventing the wheel.

In 2002 I decided to start my own business designing and developing software, which is named Brains2B. While the original name for the open source site was already taken and my new company was to be the main sponsor for this open source initiative, I decided to link the two names. Making even more clear the new company has taken open source and component based development serious.

The open source part en business are however seperated and eventually will be moved in a seperate trust. The software published on will always be available under the modified BSD license and other commiters will hopefully be joining as this site develops. I will keep using these components in commercial activities as I have done for StrongHold. Brains2B will keep investing time and resources in this initiative

What's in a name

Who comes up with a name like Brains2B? Well, I did. There are actually two common meanings for it:

  • Brains-to-Business, a little word play on Business-to-Business, meaning my main target for both the open source and the commercial side of things is the business use of software and not so much the end user.
  • Brains-to-Be. It took some of my friends just seconds to come up with an alternative meaning: There might be a slim chance my brain might actually grow out to be a full size brain after all. Thanks!

Contact information
Each project has it's own email account. If your interest is for a specific project just try {projectname}
contributors:Dennis Groenendijk (dennis_at_brains2b_dot_org)
Oostmaaslaan 179a
3063 AT Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Note from our sponsor

If you require assistance in implementing or using components, applications and cannot find the information on the site. If you are in need a good software designer or if you require someone who can help you underway with open source or component based development please contact us at Brains2B

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