TwelBox 1.04.1



TwelBox is a set of helpfull classes and library like classes which provide functions I basically need in most projects

Full description

TwelBox is a collection of functionality that only has a basis in that I found most projects I have done needed. From some basic String, Date and Locale manipulation to a standard for dealing with arguments passing to an application to a very small and configurable Logger. Also some small implementation changes to the default Collections provide by Java because they are handy. The jar file should never grow beyond 32Kb, while it should never be considered a barrier for including it in an application.


  • Logger (configurable logger to log messages on different levels)
  • SortedMap (A sortable Map implementation)
  • MapEntry (An implementation of the Map.Entry interface)
  • Main and ArgumentMap (A standardized implementation to deal with arguments)
  • DateHelper (Making a date from a String in a somewhat flexibel way)
  • HexHelper (encode/decode bytes to and from hexidecimal String)
  • JavaHelper (Make object, variable and membernames from a given String)
  • LocaleHelper (Parse iso like String to Locale, check if country or language is valid)
  • StringHelper (Some String manipulation functions that where default available in other languages)
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Note: If you want to make a quick start download the .zip or .tar.gz file. It includes the compiled jar and possible dependencies. The sources contains the sources for this specific project and the compiled libraries listed as dependencies.



java 1.4+

Using TwelBox

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TwelBox 1.04.1

  • Make sure Logger always flushes
  • allow for Log to be correctly streamed to standard output
  • Log objects directly
  • Make use of DateHelper Thread safe
  • DynamicClassLoader moved here from Squeler and Graffle

TwelBox 1.04

  • Logger should use java.util.Logger
  • Use ISO-date in DateHelper
  • Reimplemented SortedMap to implement Map not AbstractMap for performance
  • Added missing test classes

TwelBox 0.33

  • Added HexHelper
  • Created JavaHelper for some methods not belonging to StringHelper
  • Optimized code

TwelBox 0.32.1

  • Added method DateHelper.fromDate()

TwelBox 0.32

  • Moved org.brains2b.task package from Default Framework to this project

TwelBox 0.31

  • Renamed ListEntry to EntryImpl
  • Speeded up the get method for SortedMap
  • Implemented DEBUG_VERBOSE in Logger for long or slow debug information
  • Minor changes to the javadoc
  • Removed offending Unit test

TwelBox 0.30a

  • Adapted Logger so It can write stack traces based on the level.
  • Added the javadoc and the project file for this version