CoffeeBreak 0.91



CoffeeBreak is an on-line newsreader completly written in Java

Full description

CoffeeBreak was born as something to do in my lunchbreak, while I wanted to read some newsgroups, but the platform I was running at that moment did not have a reader I liked. I decided to write it myself: to see what I needed in terms of protocols, encoding and standards and make sure it works within regular memory settings and be a fully functional application.

This is the third (beta) release. If you find any problems please report them through track or mail me at


  • Support multiple newsservers and multiple parallel connections
  • Support for reading, saving and posting attachments
  • Inline showing of images and text-files
  • Support for multiple identities
  • Allow for (random) multiple taglines per identity
  • Plugin: define your own queries to search in multipe newsgroups in a background process
  • Plugin: use newzbin (nzb-files) to download large files
  • Drag-and-drop multiple attachments for posting, automatically splitting them over multiple articles
namedatezipzip (source)tar.gztar.gz (source)

Note: If you want to make a quick start download the .zip or .tar.gz file. It includes the compiled jar and possible dependencies. The sources contains the sources for this specific project and the compiled libraries listed as dependencies.



java 1.5+

Used components

Used libraries


To Do

Known Issues

  • Article caching for (at least) posting messages
  • User documentation and online help
  • Save GUI user settings
  • Better error and information handling
  • Configuration procedure for first server, identity
  • Implement used interfaces more complete, complete javadoc and unit tests
  • Complete the plugin-interfaces and document them
  • Allow identities to define the text above quoted texts
  • Support X-Face and Faces (license issue)
  • Check if we can use sun.misc.UUEncoder and sun.misc.Base64Decoder (license issue)
  • Allow for running (external) programs or plugins on the basis of type of attachments
  • Allow for following links in message with an external browser
  • Plugin: Replace smileys in text with pictures of smileys
  • Posting large files (>10 MB) might cause an OutOfMemoryError. The process for posting will change in 0.91 0.92 to fix this problem

Using CoffeeBreak

How to use

Unpack the binary zip (or tar.gz) and start CoffeeBreak.jar. The zip contains some directories needed for CoffeeBreak to work.

The application starts up empty the first time. Under file:Settings you first should define a server by at least defining the address and port. You may want to set the maximum number of connections to what your provider allows.

If this is done and you closed the Settings using the 'all' tab will download the groups your providers server carries, from here you can subscribe to groups. Subscription is however not necessary to read a group. Just click on the group (or subscription) and the newest messages will be retrieved

Clicking on a message it will open in the preview and download possible attachments. If the attachment is an nzb-file clicking on the icon will start downloading the files from the nzb, through the Nzb-plugin


CoffeeBreak 0.91 Beta

  • Threads collect their own tickets
  • Search now only scans a newsgroup once, regardless of the number of queries using it
  • Search allows showing detail of a message
  • Fixed problem with NNTP connect errors leaving the connection unused.
  • Enabled webstart
  • Save messages, NZB documents
  • Improved handling of queue through the GUI
  • Improved speed
  • Allow for saving incoming message
  • A number of smaller bugfixes

CoffeeBreak 0.90 Beta

  • Some small bugfixes for filtering newsgroups
  • Changes for speeding things up
  • Cleaned up parts of the code base
  • Plugin: Search for predefined text or regular expression in a selected list of groups

CoffeeBreak 0.89 Beta

  • First public release