Attest 0.30



@test is used to read a manifest file and the content from a jar

Full description

Created this to test versions of jars while I went crazy trying to figure out jar versions through command lines or unzipping the jars. It is intended to be be just another option under your right mouse button.

namedatezipzip (source)tar.gztar.gz (source)

Note: If you want to make a quick start download the .zip or .tar.gz file. It includes the compiled jar and possible dependencies. The sources contains the sources for this specific project and the compiled libraries listed as dependencies.



java 1.5+

Used components

Used libraries


To Do

Known Issues

  • Button Close should be available from both Tabs
  • This description should contain setting attest up for more platforms
  • Under KDE 3.x the application starts pretty quickly, but it keeps showing the hourglass. This seems to be a general problem starting java apps under KDE 3.x

Using Attest

How to use

Linux: KDE

Add "attest" as a file-type for x-application-jar and put the following in the command line

java -jar {PATH-TO-ATTEST-JAR}\Attest.jar %f

Mac Os X

Important: if you also want to use this on a Mac take the tar.gz file, instead of the zip

The tar.gz file contains, which you can link to the jar files, through the 'Open With:' statement. Just select other and select


Under Explorer:Folder Options:File Types select the registered file type JAR (Executable Jar File) and click Advanced. Under actions select new and create a new action, call it info (or whatever you like). Under 'Application used to perform action' add the following line:

javaw.exe -jar "{PATH-TO-ATTEST-JAR}\Attest.jar" "%1"
Click Okay.

Starting attest

If you now rightclick on a jar in your platforms file-browser the context menu will show an option info. If you click on this Attest should show up.


Attest 0.30

  • Improve find content
  • Allow for multi-language
  • Moved to maven like structure for Mac Os X code
  • Links followed from manifest also update Content tab

Attest 0.20

  • Extra tab to show and search content of a jar file
  • Menu option to open another jar file

Attest 0.10.1

  • Added code to support Mac OsX

Attest 0.10

  • Initial release