SwingExt 1.00



SwingExt is a package of extras for using Swing. This package is an overhaul of the old framework package, which has now been abondend

Full description

    SwingExt supplies the following functionality:
  • MaskedField: An implementation of JTextField which displays numbers, dates and textfield with a specific format, which allows for entering values with no or partial masks.
    • Date mask set to DD-MMM-YYYY will accept 301006,30-10-2006,30102006,30 Oktober 2006 or when Locale is en_US 103006,10/30/2006,30 October 2006
  • ExtButtonGroup: an implementation of ButtonGroup which allows only one button to be focus owner and switch between buttons with left/right/up/down. It also allows for better access to the buttons, enabling and making visible of the entire group at once and setting one Tooltip for all buttons at once.
  • ScrollablePanel: A Panel which allows for multiple panels added to this to be scrollable and selectable (with SelectablePanel interface) and which handles scroll intervals correctly
  • Form, FormAction and EasyForm: panels and interfaces to add default Ok/Apply/Undo/Close buttons to a Form in a GUI. EasyForm is a set of methods to create a Form quickly, but will leave the handling of data to the developer.
    MyForm extends EasyForm {
    	public MyForm(int mode) {
    	private void init() {
    		addField("ID",new JTextField(),1,1,20);
    		addComponent(new JList(new MyListModel()),1,2,30);
    	public void performApply() {
    		/* retrieve the information from the form here
    		   also called from performOk, which also closes the form	
    	public void performUndo() {
    		/* clear the altered information here
    		   also called from performCancel, which also closes the form

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java 1.4+


To Do

Known Issues

  • ExtMutableList should be moved from CoffeeBreak into this package
  • Nestable InputValidator should be moved into this package

Using SwingExt

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SwingExt 1.00

  • first release under its new name