Thex 0.75



Thex is a simple hex editor component for binary files

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To see THex in action you can start THexEditor through Java Webstart
This is not an application. You can find the application at THexEditor

This is the first (beta) release. If you find any problems please report them through track or mail me at

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Note: If you want to make a quick start download the .zip or .tar.gz file. It includes the compiled jar and possible dependencies. The sources contains the sources for this specific project and the compiled libraries listed as dependencies.



java 1.5+

Used components

Used libraries


To Do

Known Issues

  • Plugin interface
  • Possibility to use 'bookmarks' in a document

Using Thex

How to use

You can use Thex by adding org.brains2b.thex.HexEditor as a normal Swing component to your application.

The size reserved for this component determines the columns that the HexEditor can display. Default the ascii representation is also displayed bu can be turned of by hexEditor.setAsciiVisible(false)

Default the HexEditor is created with an empty document. To load a stream or file into the Editor use hexEditor.getIOKit().read(InputStream) or hexEditor.getIOKit().open(File, BinaryDocument)

look at the javadoc for more possibilities


Thex 0.75 Beta

  • First public release