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How to request a login ID

The track system is for all people who use components and want to request features or report bugs. To enter track issues you do need to request a password, just to keep people from playing around with it so maintaining the site doesn't become a full time job.

To have access to the bug tracking system one needs a login and password. You can request one per e-mail: with the subject TRACK ACCCES. You will be send your password through the e-mail address you provide. After you recieve your password you can login using your e-mail address and password. Through the user preference you can change your login-id and password.

Allow for some time for your request to be processed while the automated scripts might not work correctly yet.

privacy statement

Any information provided to will only be used for the purpose you supplied it. All mail you recieve from or the bug-tracking system you requested. You can set your mail preferences at the user preferences after you have logged in. Your information will not be shared, sold or in any way made available to third parties, including sponsors. has done it's best to protect the site and interactive parts of it against parties seeking access to user information. If you found anything not in accordance with this statement, please contact

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